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Saturday, March 12, 2005

Yo ho ho and a bottle of rum!

(Why IS all the rum gone?) Anywho, onto brief randominity....

  • The durn perfectionist in me is making it very difficult to write up the silly things I need to write up for Mom for the program for KOF. Augh augh! Out out, durn perfectionist! Dangling prepositions and passive sentences be darned to heck! Blaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaugh. (Regard me: I expire!)

  • In good news - no, I amend, great news - I slept for (drumroll please) 16 3/4 hours! I basically came home from school yesterday, having cancelled all music classes until April (due to play, Easter, and the need to feel my brain again), and literally collapsed on my bed around about 3:30 PM and didn't wake up until sometime around 9ish this morning. Didn't bother setting the alarm; didn't bother asking for a wake-up calls - just slept. Yup. Guess it needed doing.

  • Also in good news, Jules was let out of work early today (due to the @*&^$ snow), and so had wunderschoene words of advice and comfort. Her paintings are looking really good and I'm particularly impressed with: a) her eye for vibrant color, b) her mix of reality and fantasy, and c) her ability to give verbal exigesis on each painting. Wow. Fwah. Jules is amazing.

  • Also also wik in good news (I law a loveli telefone, I wrastled that doggone Sibelius disc to work so now I have the uber-musik-writer sur mon computer! Voila! Je suis la fille de mon pere qui est tres manifique avec les telecommunications! Mmmmwah! L'hacker terrible - c'est moi!

  • Am still praying for a drummer. God, I have no idea how You're going to pull this one off.

    And sometimes it gets later, so I'll just finish up with this plug:

    Come see King of Fools
    The New Musical Comedy (by me)
    Presented by Hudson Catholic High School
    At Marlborough Middle School
    Fri-Sat. March 18-19 at 7 PM
    Sun. March 20 at 2 PM
    Call HCH for more details or
    Visit HCH Drama's (in process) site!

    Mood: Anxious
    Music: Flannel Collage, but possibly something else less existential and more musical-y in a minute
    Random Pre-Show Dream: So I dreamt I was meeting with this woman for finances for the show when it became clear to me that everyone in the area thought I was putting on Kiss Me, Kate, when I was distraught because we weren't putting that on, we were putting on Taming of the Shrew! Yeah, good one when one's pre-show anxiety dreams aren't about the show.... ;P
    Goodness is: Being reminded to cherish this week.


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