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Wednesday, February 23, 2005

Je n'aime pas de tout

Les places pour le vin ou les biers seulement - ils sont...pas pour moi. Moi, donnez-moi une place pour les livres et la chocolat et je suis heureux. Mais, pas une place avec plus des destractions. L'ugh.

Anywho...saw Hitch. Very, very good! Surprisingly very good! Ranking up there with one of the best of its genre, I'd say. Mostly because of the extremely clever dialogue. Then saw Traffic which was also very well done, not as disturbing as I'd been expecting (I thought it'd be really creepy so I was steeled against anything) but not the way I really ought to have ended my night. So the dreams of the morning were odd and full of FUS and cats running around my feet (in the words of Charlie: "Everything smelt of bacon"). Really, aren't dreams just odd. Mmmm, one last thought with Traffic - I liked how he used different color schemes to set off the different storylines, but the blue one was just too blue - I think I should have preferred it if he had lightened up on the filters and instead done more with costume design and set decoration to achieve the color scheme. That said, the camera work was still amazing and immediate and despite its hand-holdage, not queasy-inducing (as opposed to Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind).

Off to rehearsal. Heavy scenes today. Am currently fortified with bagel and hot chocolate in my system and Finding Nemo trailers in my brain. It's really a delight to be able to wake up at a decent hour and begin rehearsing earlier in the day. I like that. Lord, please bless my actors and my crew and keep them safe. Help put everything together, Lord. Make all my work glorify You. And St. Polycarp - pray for us! (Yaaaaaaaaaay! Go Polycarp!)

Mood: Oddish
Music: The printer printing
Thought: Polycarp is so the man. And to think he knew John and Ignatius!


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