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Tuesday, March 01, 2005

The king has given up his crown

The king is living with the poor and lowly
The king has thrown his scepter down
And now he wields his fading power only
For one lady
And their bastard child....

(...I've the Quintet in my head, fa la...) Sooooooooo (((clapping hands))) updates!

  • The Quintet is in my head. This is a definite improvement over having various bits of The Mikado in my head (the moreso because I don't really know the lyrics and so only get four to eight measures at a time stuck. Le sigh).

  • I have joined the ranks of the cellphoned. Good grief. But it is a cool phone and a camera phone and that is important because....

  • *drumroll please* I'M GOING TO IRELAND THIS SUMMER!!! Oh, happy day! Unmodified rapture! Glory glory halleluja! I'm not quite sure when and I'll need to save up but the washing machine of my mother has spoken (and I have the fish of my brother Raoul) and Ayah am gowin', chile'! Oh, exuberance unbounded! Grass and sheep and cliffs and water and castles and sweaters and penny whistles here I come! And I fully intend to stop off in Stratford-upon-Avon and see whatever show Sam West is in. Provided he is in a show. Which I hope he is. So there. Oh, glee and gaity and accents to make one swoon. SNERK! POMF! FWAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!

  • Play coming along well. Starting runs of acts/show tomorrow. We'll see how we're doing then. And then all runs as of next week. And then runs the following week for tech. And then we shake nervously. And then we collapse. And then it all ends happily and I wander around like a zombie until I remember I'm going to Ireland.

  • current thought is The Importance of Being Ernest set in the 20's and Hamlet set in modern punk/emo/corroded steel land. Bwahahhahah. May not end up doing that, but that's the current (aka as of this evening) thought. We'll see how we are in an actual year's time. Oh, but Wilde! Shakespeare! (Wilde Shakespeare? Hrm.)

  • Did I mention I'm going to Ireland this summer? Snerk.

  • A consideration was brought up re: the age appropriateness of the show (KOF). I hadn't thought about it before, but yes, it is rather a PG-rated show. I don't think it's quite PG13 - but I'd forgotten the whole killing Vianne thing and then the haunting thing and there are about three strong words in the piece. Huh.

  • Finished watching Season Two of Buffy just now. Very good episodes - although I can't quite see how they get from Season Two to the shenanigans of Season Six. It looks to me as though they rather lost their way. But very good ending of Season Two. So there one is.

  • Life is good. Life is very, very good. Even when it's stressful and worrisome and one gets in one's own is good. Amen.

    Mood: Warm
    Music: You know your duty (Can you live your life in lies)
    You have your duty (For when does your disguise)
    You'll do your duty (Become)
    Come what may (Your face?)
    Thought: Though the way is lonely (When the blood is on your hands)
    And conscience holds me (When your word is our command)
    I'll know peace only (For peace throughout the land)
    When I do what I must do (Demands a great price/Do what you must do)....


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