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Sunday, February 13, 2005

So sorry

For moodiness, irritability, and the fervent wish not to be given more options esp. in the way of additional industry. Pardon my panic when new potential responsibilities are thrown my way - particularly when they're not needed. And forgive my sighs and my eyerolling and every other form of jeuvenalia which I need to purge from my being - augh! "I do the things I hate."

Anywho.... Silliness, and not needed this late at night - and beating up the self about it will solve nothing (and "nothing is but what is not"). And the to do list grows and seems to roll out into the infinite space of implausibility, past the point of the sane man's bounds. Yet - yet - perhaps I'm simply looking at it all through the wrong sort of spectacles. There has been far more and it, too, has passed.

Went to the MFA today with Pete and Jules. Seemed to have toured nearly 3/4ths of the museum. Fell in love with the rotunda and the Renaissance and Baroque religious artwork - utterly breathtaking. The newest exhibit was a tad disturbing - real dead sheep?!??! flies stuck to a wall?!??!?!!!? - but the mandala made of butterfly wings was impressive. The rotunda, too, needs to come home with me - or perhaps I can move in to it. Oddly, though, museums always make me *sleepy*. I found myself surrepticiously (sp? I can never seem to spell that right) whistling Phantom of the Opera in the various galleries, just to have some sort of sound other than the pervasive hush (mingled with the bizarre smells). When we got to the car park, I belted out "Se tu m'ami"! Speaking of which, the musical instrument room was amazing. Pete esp. loved it and took many many pictures.

Oh, Lord! Halp! Amen. Right - back to that ever-increasing list.

Mood: Overwhelmed.
Music: Pure by Haley W.-something - gorgeous clear voice
Fantasy du jour: Being in Ireland! Yes, precious, we would run across the sweeping fields, the green grass to our knees, and smell the sea and hear the waves and laugh and sing and sing and sing! Oh...sigh.
Reality du jour: ...


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