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Sunday, February 27, 2005

To the tune of

I've Got No Strings from Disney's Pinnochio:

I've got no time
To do my work
I forewent vacation
I'm such a jerk
Now it's midnight
And you see
There's no more time
For me!

Right. Must remember to let Dad do the lampooning of songs. Although, we were singing to the tune "Shapoopie" from The Music Man:

Kabuki! Kabuki! Kabuki!
That make-up's good for me!
Kabuki! Kabuki! Kabuki!
It looks real Japanese!

Wear some red
Make it a little redder
Put on some white
Look a little deader....

And - that's about it. I've had Mikado songs in my head this whole weekend, and I don't even really know the opera. *sigh* But my duty is done, my hands are still residually red from the makeup, I caught up with old friends, and all is well. ( time...)

After performance today, I skeedaddled back home and worked quite a bit on the KOF promo. Some good stuff in the main section completed. Will most likely bring elements needed to work tomorrow to do during the few hours I have after school and before rehearsal. Presuming there is rehearsal and the weather holds off. *shaking fist at the celestial dome*

Things are coming together. We're right on schedule. And I can't believe that I only have three weeks left until a rather extended holiday from directing. It makes the end of this a bit more poignant. Rather than dreading the show's approach, I hope I cherish this time. It'll be gone so soon.

No great thoughts. (Another dawn, another day....) Life is good. Time is short. Live like eternity lingers.

Mood: Hungryish.
Music: "Taken from the county jail" from The Mikado. AAAAAUGH! Out out out!
Goodness is: Multifarious and omnipresent.


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