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Sunday, March 06, 2005

Let's Face the Music
And daaaaaaaaaaaaaaaance!

Check out the Hudson Catholic Drama Page, newly updated (although hardly completed), with quite a few video clips sprinkled about. (Just double checked video clips - not looking right. Gaaaaaaaaaaah! Will check out tomorrow.) Right - back to the big editing thingy. So. Tired.

Mood: Achey
Music: Mental "Let's Face the Music"
Thought: Oddish day, eh? Oh, Heavens, what's that quote about stress again? And the Bigger Than the Sky trailer is good solely for its final three lines, something akin to:

Director: (to lead actor who is lying, stressed out, in what appears to be a hospital bed) Look, you need to make a decision; you need to tell me whether you can go on tonight as Cyrano or not. Tell me now.

Lead Actor: (after a moment's hesitation to cogitate and gulp) I...I can't do it.

Director: (looking at the Lead for a moment, before grabbing him and shouting) YES YOU CAN!

The rest of it looks ehish, but that moment...funny ouch.


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