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Tuesday, February 08, 2005

Strawberry Candles

Are wonderful to smell. And those in three tiered holders are even better. As are cleaned and dusted end tables, upon which said holders stand, within which said candles the house that Jack built.

Folks don't know how much they owe to Julie. Much less to Verizon.

I'm pretty sure that I'm coming down with the Ye Olde Merrie Family Vyrus. Feeling a bit feverish and woozly and I'm definitely lacking in the matter of energy. Got through the first bit of the Act II finale, though - and can we say how happy we are with so much of this play! And, honestly, it helps me to have the tapes so that I can review what actually happened, etc. The Quintet gives me chills. Yay - through Hell for everyone!

Yahoo messenger is amazing. Oh, my Belles, I've missed you!

Had Jills at rehearsal tonight. Wonderful. It's great to have her there. Anathan syndrome remains or somesuch. And I must needs put blinders on my windows and become the proverbial rabbit. And JILL YOU ROCK MY WORLD!!!

Mood: Furiously brainstorming
Music: Buffy...silly!


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