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Monday, February 21, 2005

One Month From Today

I will...

  • Have finished King of Fools, for better or for worse

  • Have my first day off in who knows how long

  • Have post-show syndrome and be moping about the room after school, with nothing pressing to do

  • Start wondering what show to do next

  • Be promptly hit by my family and most especially Julie, all whilst yelling, "NO MORE SHOWS FOR YOU, FOOL! RESTY RESTY!"

  • After struggling my way up from the pillows they've thrown at me, mutter, "...thanks...."

  • Most likely sneak down to the computer or the piano to start working on another project regardless

  • Wonder again at the fact that a month ago from that day (aka today) I was subject to panic attacks and yet the thing went off just fine, like it always does

  • Lighten up when I realize I'll be able to watch Lost and Alias at the times they're actually shown

  • Become sad again (thanks to PSS!) when I realize that's the only benefit

  • Shake my head over PSS and shake my fist at the Heavens

  • Mope a bit more and then look at the future and...wonder.

    Less than a month to go. Things are coming together. Snow cancelled rehearsal today. About to do the Act II ballet. The good thing about doing an original show is that things can be changed - added to or removed, rearranged, tweaked, etc. The good thing about doing someone else's show is that there's precedent - someone else already had to tweak the darn thing. Anywho.... Seriously debating about usefulness of Act II ballet - except that I need that scene - addition of lines? (Oh, my cast will kill me - or at least grumble - tough noogies.) Right - is it apparent that I've used up a box and a half of tissues on the cold that's finally decided to come out and play? ;)

    Had a loverly time on Sat. with Sh. - can it be less than a month before LA? How odd. But I'm glad we got to visit before then. Very, very glad. Lord, thank you for her friendship! Amen! Let's see...other good things. Brothers who shovel, afternoon naps, chocolate donuts, chicken wings, Fr. Jonathan sermons, that Broadway thingy on PBS, CD players, Mothers who are Super Secretaries, Julie's prettyful hair, heaters that work, smelly candles, washing machines (although, alas, no washing machine prayers!), pictures of the Sacred Heart, digital cameras, fuzzy slippers, many blankets, spring pink apparel, full boxes of tissues - what silly things, and yet all comforts. Thank You, God, for these little comforts. I'm reminded of what someone wrote as though from Him about His gifts to us each and every moment - about the sunsets He paints just for us, about the very gift of life, of time, of all these little things that we pass through each day almost without noticing - often without noticing - and yet how these "little" gifts are so great, weighty, awesome. This stress...what is it but a passing thing? Soon erased by the inexorable stream of time? We speak of time as though it were a burden, but doesn't it also push away those things that are unbearable? Wasn't time God's ally as He walked to Calvary? Praise You and thank You God for the time You have given me. Please help me to use it wisely and well.

    And now that I've managed to talk myself around from where I was, I'd better use this time to do the work I need to do for tomorrow. Oh, Lord, keep my spirits high and my eyes on You, amen.

    Mood: Ppppppppppppppppftpththpt.
    Music: Wicked, bizarrely enough
    Thought: Spike just stood up from his wheelchair and I have only one more episode because I'm missing the last disc! Curious how hour long TV on DVD is rather like reading a novel, more than watching a movie. I'm remembering the fellow from ActOne who was extolling the virtues of writing for TV rather than writing for the big screen, and I'm beginning to understand his love of this cinematic form.


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