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Monday, February 07, 2005

Interesting link

Some good thoughts here: michelle :): crazy talk. And Scrambled Mind likewise has good thoughts to read, which make one reconsider going to university in England.

What seems curious to me is that here we all are, struggling through the void to make our ordinary lives somehow extraordinary by making them public - as though our merest trivialities are of greatest concern - and yet what we are really attempting to discover is a validation for our everydayness. Part of that is this star-struck culture we live in: we hardly know how to be content with common. Part of that is our lack of silence, and our lack of actual human contact. I AIMed Jill tonight, but spoke far more eloquently for four hours in a restaurant on Friday. Give me another person, not this...electronic equivalent!

Mood: Improving but alas not sleepy despite the fact that I actually do not have caffine running through my body. C'mon...c'mon SLEEPY! Drat.
Music: The musical continues to wend its way through my mind, complete with orchestration.
Fact: I'm freezing.
Truth: Why, in fact, should it matter that I report that I am chilly at this moment? From the Christian perspective, in one way its of importance only because of our emphasis on the individual and, more importantly, God's care and love for each one of us even through such trivial things as being really, really cold - but in another...see above.
Summation: I am being way to existential for my own good. Some folk are moved by wine (see Jabbertalky) to philosophise - I'm moved by the hour. Which draws on apace. Yup.


Blogger Nick said...

"...what we are really attempting to discover is a validation for our everydayness."

That succinctly fits my experience in the world of blogging. Its just cool to lay out our thoughts and let people interact with them as they wish.

3:39 PM  

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