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Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Pilgrim's Progress

  • Monday: Opening monologue - no soliloquist
  • Tuesday: Hatshop - no millineress
  • Wednesday: Courtship - no beaus, assistants or matchmakers
  • Thursday: Heaven only knows what.

    Fortunately, mint hot chocolate and singing "You're Never Fully Dressed Without a Smile" in front of A.C. Moore (where one goes, apparently, for Mars-something-or-other Black acrylics) and purchasing Cadbury Eggs and the Complete Father Brown stories go a long way to making things right. As do stones engraved with "Peace" gripped firmly in the hand in the middle of the gardening section, missed calls on the oddly-ringing cell phone, and leisurely showers. I need to write fantasy.

    Mood: Animal huffing whilst triangle playing
    Music: Secret Garden "best-of" CD - IamcalmIamcalmIamcalm....
    Curiosity is: I am now the owner of a garish orange T-shirt, bandana and scarf. Huh.
    Just parce que: Huh - I was sure I'd be a Red...howsomever, blue is my favorite color! Now, if only the remembering birthdays bit wasn't in it, it probably fits me to a T...!

    BLUES are motivated by INTIMACY, seek opportunities

    to genuinely connect with others, and need to

    be appreciated. They do everything with

    quality and are devoted and loyal friends and

    employers/employees. Whatever or whomever

    they commit to are their sole (and soul)

    focus. They love to serve and will give

    freely of themselves in order to nurture

    others lives.

    BLUES, however, do need to be understood. They have

    distinct preferences and occasionally the

    somewhat controlling (but always fair)

    personality of a confident leader. Their code

    of ethics is remarkably strong and they

    expect others to live honest, committed lives

    as well. They enjoy sharing meaningful

    moments in conversation as well as

    remembering special life events (i.e.,

    birthdays and anniversaries). BLUES are

    dependable, thoughtful, nurturing, and can

    also be self-righteous, a bit worry-prone,

    and emotionally intense. They are like

    sainted pit-bulls who never let go of

    something once they are committed. When you

    deal with a BLUE, be sincere, make an effort

    to truly understand them, and truly

    appreciate them.

    What Color Are You?
    brought to you by Quizilla


    Anonymous Damask Rose said...

    Up rose the sun
    And up rose Emilie.


    I heartily sympathise with the lack of beaus. But it's all part of God's wonderful plan for you, which He will reveal as you surrender. Life is tough; but that brings us closer to Him.

    T'would be hard anyway to find anyone suitable for someone as talented, intelligent and dedicated as yourself!

    Your well-wisher,


    5:08 PM  
    Anonymous The Southern Belle said...

    of late, when the world is really weighing me down and there are no sedimentary cliffs to snap pieces off of, i've found that a little of this:

    can go a remarkably long way to restoring my good humor. and irritating the dickens out of everyone else in the room. :)


    10:09 PM  
    Blogger Lauryl said...

    i sincerely hope that the hard decisions are over... it's nice to know you are at least alive! =) love and hugs, always..xoxo

    5:18 PM  

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