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Sunday, January 08, 2006

Time time time

See what's become of me
While I look around for my possibilities
I was so hard to please

Ha! Did I think things would slow down? Silly, Emily - kicks are for trids. So, some things I am thankful for in the nonce:

  • Modern electronics - everything from sattelites, to DVD's, to USB ports, to CD's, to copy machines, to external harddrives, to cellphones, to sloppy old jaloppies that keep running.

  • God's grace. His mercy. The quiet, deafening hush with which He entered the world. My own sense of unworthiness before the Christ-child. My fear, and awe and tembling as His mother invites me in. My fear to do so. And His grace despite my own ill-temper, even moments after grace.

  • Sausage and mushroom lasagna made by me Muther! Hurrah!

  • Midterm review sheets that are in Word Documents. Hoopla! Yay for repeating old curriculums! (Curriculae?)

  • Two instances of seeing that perhaps there's hope - no, that there is hope - and grace in other's lives.

    Mood: Too much to do - too much to do!
    Music: Kristen Chenowith's "Let Yourself Go" CD
    Schedule: Beginning Matchmaker and preparing for midterms. Blaurghnfphthmnnnnghuuuuuuuuhsztfffffmmphtle. Yup.


    Blogger Lauryl said...

    umm. that lasagna sounds good! btw, did you ever get the wedding invite i sent you? pictures are up at and sammy & i leave for london today... so of course i'm thinkin of you and meeting for the first time at gatwick... la de da...

    12:40 PM  

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