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Saturday, January 14, 2006


I've been in a desperate mood lately to get back to writing. Anything. Plays, essays, stories - especially stories in prose; especially fantasy once again. And more, to get those stories out there. The question, as always, is one of time. But whilst reading the biography of Chesterton, I'm itching, itching to write again. This is a good thing, I think - although it's also an eyebrow-cocked-to-God thing, as in, "Hallo, God...why am I thinking of all these alternative means of making a living? Hallo? Halloooooo?"

Anywho, so that's all to say that I found this on the net and was very surprised and gratified. Happy day!

Oh, and some wonderful anonymous person wrote this:
"Niamh and the Hermit is a wonderful debut for Snyder. While reading her book you can easily believe that you are hearing a fairy tale from the Medieval ages. There are points when it seems as though we are in the story ourselves, that we're sitting in a pub and listening to the legend of Niamh. But then the "legend" interweaves itself to become realistic and what we thought was the normal world shifts into legend. Snyder's book is like a story that is on the brink of the Faerie Lands where reality is no longer certain. Her prose is spectacular with sweeping descriptions and witty dialogue. But words aside, Ms. Snyder has now debuted as an artist and composer. Scattered throughout the novel are original illustrations and maps. Written on musical staffs are some songs the characters themselves sing. These melodies are haunting and truly seem authentic to the "time" she has set this story. The world building of the Twelve Kingdoms is extensive as seen in the appendices. Tales and legends referenced in the story are expanded upon, further drawing the reader into Snyder's world. A world from which one does not want to escape."

Anyway, which is all in all a great inducement to keep writing, and hopefully a gentle nudge to wonderful people to remember to support your local, struggling, silly authors with reviews at

Tra la - I love the spring!

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