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Thursday, March 31, 2005

What are we to do?

Gentle sisters, say
Propriety we know
Says we ought to stay.
While sympathy exclaims
Free them from your tethers
Play at other games...
Leave them here together.

Came from seeing Once on This Island at Hudson tonight - well done, esp. the first act. Some great choreography that I want to steal, very bright and colorful, terrific singing. Much fun gadding about with Mum afterwards (she wanted to see the show after producing this one...ah, how I convert them one by one to the luan and the lekolight), and gadding about with R. who surprisingly showed up. Good insights - good evening.

But now what am I to do with the upcoming Winter? I find that Earnest, as much as I love the play, isn't really...clicking for me after all. I carn't do Christmas Carol again - I'd be miserable at it and that would be conveyed to the cast and then my energy would be down for Hamlet and that would be terrible. I want next year to go out with a bang (not a whimper - ambitious much? Nah). So, what am I to do? Gentle sister, say? It looks like I'll probably have three guys at least and a ton of girls - I simply haven't the heart to make cuts after all. So what show? A Greek tragedy? Except that I'll be doing Hamlet and you can't get too much more quintessential tragic than that. Tartuffe? Except that it doesn't have enough ROLES. Not Our Town - too long, too much, and I'd have no love for the thing. I come back to Wallace's Will or my version of Nutcracker - except do I want to write/adapt something so soon again? (Can I? Will it drive me nuts?) I do want to do a Passion at the end of next year (Easter is late enough next year to make it feasible) - to sort of bring things full circle. I shudder at the thought of doing a Nativity - not at the Nativity itself, more that I can't see my way to get creatively inside it at the moment and I think it would shut down my bodily processes at that point of the year, what with the talent show and the winter show and grades being due and quarterlies and tons of days off that make teaching difficult and.... Hwell.

I was about to say that all this is moot, except that it isn't. I've the time now, the leisure now (the energy now) to set things in place for next year so that I can have a real summer off. Better to do it now, before this particular obsession fades.... (Ha - fade? OCD much?) I digress, I regress, I distress. (Vini, vici, visa.)

Truly, I am very glad of this evening. As always, God is good. Ad majorem Dei gloriam! Amen! Alleluia!

Mood: Floating
Music: Mental "Waiting for Life to Begin"
Latest Ambition: I really want to do an actual stage version that more closely follows Anderson's original "Little Mermaid" complete with the self-sacrificial/Purgatorial ending. HA!
Redux Thought: Insta-love. Bah.
Continuation of Thought: (Since blogger's being weird) - Yeah, so our bedroom scene.... Yes.


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