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Wednesday, March 30, 2005

Oh What a Glorious Day!

Weather is truly a remarkable phenomenon: rain for the past two days and Emily's mmmmmmmmmmmiserabububububuuble!; sunshine today and everything's roses and champagne and fuzzy bunny slippers. Curious, non?

The saviour of yesterday was Julie and trips to Pizzeria Uno and A.C.Moore and fun with camera phones which, alas, failed entirely to capture the brilliant rainbow over Rte. 9. Songs of yesterday included: "On My Own," "We Learned the Sea," "The Impossible Dream," and "Haunted" - the last of which resonated in whole new ways. In the obscurity column: money is evil. And I understand better why friendship was long considered the greatest of the human loves, over eros. Hrumph. Anywho....

Purchased a copy of The Importance of Being Earnest tonight, with the long-lost Grimsby (?) scene, that curiously made it into the movie. I'm dubious about Earnest. Thoughts (shower thoughts) are percolating, balances weighing. (In related news: I think I will audition for The Matchmaker with the Savoyards - hah!) Kvetched after chorus (pseudo-chorus for me - all I have to do is bang out the songs on the piano - fabuloso) with Ch., and spoke at length re: Hamlet. As daunted as I am by the thought of doing the Bard's best, I've talked off one too many ears about it to not make a first go at it as some sort of reparation. And...a thought hit me as I put on Evanescence just now....

PROJECTORS!!! YEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEES! Multimedia Hamlet! Bwahahahhahahahahhahahahah! Oh the schoene oh the schoene oh the schoene liptenstein? (Can't recall how it actually goes.) Ah, that's it - schnitzelbank. Hrm - not much better. (Things must be better - randominity has returned.)

In further news for no one in particular but myself, The Piano (it really needs a name - I shall have to look into it) has been installed into my classroom. Oh joy! I had much fun playing it today - although I fear me I'll have to lock it up on weekends lest nasty CCD kids come in and *shudder* touch it. Possessive little, are we?

Am in a write-y mood. Am in a very free mood. Am cut free at beginning of new semester. Am giving mini-philosophy course to Juniors - am very happy about that. Am inexpressibly grateful to God for today, esp. after such a miserable yesterday. Shame about the public nature of said blog. (Oh the trivialities!)

Life is good. Life is very, very good.

Mood: Contented - a nice place to be
Music: The "Paper Flowers" one on Evenescence's first CD
Thought: Wallace's Will or the Gawain/Ceilyn/Unicorn story, or a stab at the one from the Christmas Carol cast party mental snapshot? (Need a name for that one, period!) Alas, left Gosford Park CD at school (nearly wrote "home" again - no, no, Emily) which rather makes writing Wallace's Will to a proper soundtrack a conundrum; plenty of Celtic music lying about, though. I wonder if Evenescence could inspire Wallace's Will-y thoughts, despite its utter lack of End-of-Empire sound?
Looking Forward to: The third Star Wars movie and, yes, HP6. I'm going through my Pratchett again to give myself something to read. Ran across a rather interesting-looking Victorianaesque book in the YA section of Borders, but a quick perusal of its grammar persuaded me that the author only had a good idea, not execution. I shake my fist at the world in general for not providing me with an endless supply of entertainment. (And then I recall my impromptu lecture on the nature of redemptive suffering to first period Freshmen this morning and I shame-facedly hide my fist again.)


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