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Monday, October 30, 2006


Marianna cried at Pooh. (So did a few of us who were HCH cast, so....) HA! HAHAHHAHAHHAHHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAH! Plan for world domination is compleeeeeeeeeeeeeete! BWAhahahhahahahahhahahahhahahahhahahhahah! Ha.

The Prologue and Camp Granada look good. God bless the actors for the Lovers and Argument Sketch - tough memorizations! They're doing fine, though. They'll be just fine. Am interested in seeing how Tartuffe goes over tomorrow. Am rather sad about our casting loss - but those are the decisions one makes. Mrm.

Found the audio where Ryan said the "who was in life a foolish prating knave" correctly in the Closet Scene - have downloaded it. Need to finish cover, etc. for latest app. project thingy. And do up the new video. Checked out other extras I've done up and rethought how I'd like to order the bits on the DVD. Aunt Flo and Mom were very good about letting me have the living room to tape for a bit, although upon looking at it again, I probably should retape since my eyeline is down since Pete was on the floor and not standing and so it looks like I'm unreasonably demure.... Odd odd odd.

Now that I'm seeing the shape of play, I'm feeling like I'm doing play.'s nice. I'd forgotten. It's all very, very nice.

Watched a bit of KoF and realized that it's structured just like any other musical and so was able to be slightly less critical of myself - even if I was reblocking/choreographing scenes as I flipped through them. Oh, silly Emily! But I suppose, in a way, that's helpful - that sort of restlessness for that which is better. I'd hate to simply settle.

But I am looking forward even more now to Guys and Dolls and Much Ado. Huzzah huzzah! I *think* we have a more musical-theatre-y group at the moment, which makes a ton of difference. Some strong voices in the mix, which is really encouraging. Of course among the women, but also among the men.

Anywho. Teaching tomorrow - lecturing, actually, which means I'll need to check my breath control so that I don't get all nasty for voice tomorrow afternoon. Took a look at "Il bel foco" (is that it?) but I feel as though I haven't quite got it in my ear. (Rather like the closing song last Sunday - mrwrm.) C'est ca. It'll come soon enough. As will the end of this rambling post. Right n....

Mood: Bof
Music: The Open Door
Thought: Bah to contact that weary the eyes after a while. Bah bah bah.


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