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Monday, October 23, 2006

Practical philosophy

A la my sister's combox:

And people who don't share Marines should have nasty things done to them!! It isn't in the best interests of the survival of the species!! Strong, virile men should be given to Catholic girls who will bear them many children!!!! It only makes sense!


In further news, made tough decision - and a first for me! (mrwrm) - re: play. *snrfle* C'est ca. But I am pleased with result. More than pleased. Watched bits of Hamlet with Jules and made silly comments as to what the characters were *really* thinking - mucho fun to MST3K one's own work with a wunderschoene sibling. Did a bit more in the Closet Scene, from which forthwith I hereby present today's ubiquitous, gratuitous and inevitable screen caps. Going back a bit to the double soliloquy through to where I left off editing. And then time for sleep. So time for sleep.

Mood: Sleepy in my brain
Music: Top 25 a la iTunes. Currently "Missing" from Evanescence
Thought: Am dying with curiosity re: the *tada* package Jules gave her professor. Patience is a virtue.


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