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Thursday, October 26, 2006

Minity-ran Dominity-ran Min-dorinity-man....

  • Have been in a Nutcrackery mood. Beautiful, joyful, childhood, innocence.... Perhaps as an antidote to doing the darkest section of Hamlet. Had on Nutcracker the other day - much goodness. Still always shocked at how quickly it moves. Must put in foreshadowing of little girls doing Chinese dance and it'll work just that much better, I think.

  • 29 days to performance. Counting non-rehearsal days. Geesh! Where does the time go? Oddness. I hardly feel like I'm doing play, somedays. Not in a bad way, just in a...way? (Zen Noir!)

  • God bless siblings and father who are going down to Delaware to be with Grandma whilst Aunt Sue is nannying for Mary Virginia in (oh, the horror! ;) Disneyworld. Bless, especially, Jules for her patience and Dad for his calm. Amen!

  • Hurricane Aunt Flo is coming! So thrilled. Love Aunt Flo. But tonight/afternoon it's just Mum and I before the hurricane of this weekend begins. The Good Doctor Friday and the Saez wedding Saturday. However, I *think* my Sunday is mostly free. Qui sais?

  • Am still trying to really cherish. Lord, give me grace to cherish. Amen.

  • Beware of Lonely Dog. QED. (Tee hee hee! Botha botha botha! Alas! A cornacopia of love! Oh, Pete and Jules, how I love you!)

  • Doing Proofs of the Resurrection right now. Oh, how I do so love logically backing into spiritual corners! If this THEN this! If THIS, then THIS! Bwahahahahhah! Our God, although possessive of an odd sense of humour, is so delightful brain-candyish. It's like He's this huge teddy bear or bear of an uncle playing hide and go seek, but everywhere you try to hide, he's hiding there, too - as Peter once much more pithily said.

  • Pooh looked good last night. Must needs get in costumes. Costumes help.

  • Am of several minds (NO snickering, Bellwethers! Hrumph!) about particular style of - oh, Heavens, I was going to be obscure. I won't be. It's all silliness. Basically, I'd really, really, really like to work under/with/incognito/commando another or rather a smorgasboard of other directors - to do a sort of self check-up, to see different processes, to learn more dos (and do nots), to - I don't know - mostly to see what I can see, I guess. Eager to do so. Not quite sure how to do so. I mean, I don't just want to work under local community directors, but rather with those with bigger wigs. I want to peek under their wigs and see if they've brains to match, or if they're big wigs mostly due to someone else's hair. I want to learn the latest methods, and silly methods so I can know why they're silly. I want to see how and if a "Broadway" director differs from those on the community level - beyond paycheck (size or existance thereof). I want to get in - so that, in some way, I can get out. Or rather, I want to go there so that I can come back again. To see other things so I can appreciate and add to what is here. Mental wanderlust, I suppose. (Such a wonderful word: wanderlust. Thank you, Germans!) Anywho. All good. Must take the plunge, though, and not waffle quite as much as I am wont to do. Perfection is rarely (alas!) required. *sigh*

  • No, I suppose that's really it. All is well. Krissy-tina, I will be getting back to you. Sooz, I'll check my e-mail! Sweisters, Belles, you are much beloved. Jules, Pete and Dad, ich leibe dich. All in plays, mine or others, break legs. All not in plays but much beloved, you are in my prayers. And I hope I'm in yours.

    Mood: Restful
    Music: None. The sound of silence.
    Thought: Oh, the silliness of how to get around ancient computers. Yay for technosavvy.


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