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Monday, October 09, 2006

Galactica Lost

Right, so I'm now currently caught up with Battlestar Galactica - including this season's premiere - as well as delving once more into Lost and I find that, along with The Office there's rather a bleak undertone in American programming (or at least the bits I'm currently watching - excepting, always, Dancing with the Stars). The reason, though, why BG was less satisfactory the Lost I think is not because both are dealing with "us vs. them" (Colonials vs. Cylons or Passengers vs. Others) or because both begin with our heroes under some sort of horrible captivity, but rather because BG has lost all hope while Lost BEGAN with the statement, "Well, forgive me if I still believe in such a thing as free will." The same difficulty is found in the latest episode of The Office - Jim is effectively captured and the office itself is divided into factions and there's no *hope* - no equilibrium, no sane, calm voice of reason. Here's to hoping the executives get their spiritual gear in order - because otherwise I'm not sure I'll stick around to view a season's worth of despair and dystopia.

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