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Saturday, October 21, 2006

Catching up

  • Inner ear off-balancey is no fun. Worse fun is having the ear drop thingies. Howsomever, the latter does unblock ears and the former is God's way of making me stop, even for a day.

  • The T-shirts for Seven Ages is in and it looks FABOO. Mock up to the right. The actual is much more crisp - esp. the center, the soldier. Comfy t-shirts, too!

  • Painted signboards for Seven Ages...*and* put them up. Good stuff.

  • Am just past "Mousetrap" and about to start in on the whole "Will you play upon this pipe" part. I hope to get through the double soliloquy this weekend. We'll see.

  • So envying Julie (OK, OK theologians: not really envying...) for having seen Derek Jacobi's Hamlet, even if it's early BBC quality. Mrmphf.

  • Off-book Monday. Off-prompt next Monday. Oyveh!

  • Life is curious, n'est-ce pas?

  • OK, so what's a blog without photos?

    Mood: C'est ca.
    Music: The Open Door underscoring the editing of Hamlet
    Must needs: Write up thesis for Jules' teacher re: my vision/rationale of Hamlet (as well as jump start on Playing with Shakespeare); grade; work on Guys and Dolls stuff; do app. stuff; edit; pray - not in that order. So, dear Lord! For all those who've asked me for prayers! Amen!
    Addendum: I've just finished Claudius' soliloquy. What does it tell you when I'm still going "Oh! Poor Claudius!" after the fact? Fwah.


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