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Saturday, October 14, 2006

Costumes make all the difference

Rented costumes today from the Sudbury Savoyards for the Tartuffe section of Seven Ages. Huzzah huzzah! Some great stuff gotten - God bless the Savoyards! Pictures from today's photoshoot (sans wigs) are here. A play never feels real to me until the costumes come in - dunno why. And I'd forgotten, after doing two modernish (one 1910, one 2020!) plays, how much I love love love costumey costume pieces.

(The picture to the right is obviously of Tartuffe - starring the titular character and Elmire. We're doing the table scene, natch. Yay for actors willing to play dress-up! Must put brown bows on Alina's bodice.... And hurrah, we discovered that the silly Arabian-like gold monstrosity of a vest which was purchased for Twelfth Night for Orsino and which never really worked for anybody, looks FABULOUS on Tartuffe. Huzzah huzzah! Orgon will be wearing polkadots. Must buy material to make him a good vest. Oh, costumes - it's like TIMPANI!)

So, goodness ensues. And ensued more as Peter and I saw The Illusionist, which was wonderful. Am working on Nunnery scene from Hamlet right now. Am dissatisfied with my edit in some places - it's probably fine - I'm just finickey. Hrm. Anywho. Back to work. And then finishing up Book the Thirteenth: The End because Borders is amazing.

Mood: Pas mal
Music: "Hello" from Hamlet post-intermission music
Thought: I doubt I shall ever be fully satisfied with anything in this life. C'est ca. Photocapture from video of Nunnery scene below....


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