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Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Oh, the giggles

Tonight's quote: "I won capture the flag! I captured my own flag by getting past my defences!" Ah, silliness. But good rehearsal. (Yes, Alina, Chris and Jennie - y'all did swell. :)

Watching "Cinderella and the Glass Slipper" - rather impressed with some of the singers. It's encouraging to think of how easy it is to write musicals - or how easy it seems anywho...or can be, dpending. Some good directing in the show. Odd to see MMS being used. It's funny.

Am in a mood to write musica, actually. I think I'm nearly done with "Psyche" but I'd like hte opportunity to work seriously on either Snow Queen or Little Match Girl. Just for posterity's sake, I'll put down what I have of "Psyche" so far here.


  • The original story

  • The most beautiful painting

    The day that I first met you
    I had not yet been conceived
    Except within your mind

    How far is infinity?

    You mold me and you made me
    And you raise me and you bade me
    To be your bride

    How long is
    Eternity waits
    For my

    Oh - I am beloved of a god
    Fly within your arms of love

    Invisible, made visible
    In me

    One simple question asked me
    With one simple word unmasked me
    For who I am

    Holy beloved

    What then if I denied you
    Or betrayed you, crucified you?
    Would you still love

    Wholly beloved

    One falling from your arms

    Oh - I am beloved of a god
    Fly within your arms of love

    Invisible made visible
    In me

    What word speaks transcendance?
    (Floating, falling, flying)
    One word breaks innocence
    (Daring, dreaming, dying)

    Then a bunch of vocalization - perhaps later on a second bridge, ending with....

    Invisible, made visible....

    Mood: Pas mal
    Music: The Glass Slipper
    Thought: Oh, seriously need to get down to brass tacks and do some major play/novel writing. Mrwrm.


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