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Friday, November 25, 2005

La Belle Dame Sans Merci

The bestest of all of them, the one with La Belle Dame on the black charger and the gorgeous knights sans helmet beside her is this month's picture on my Pre-Raphaelite calendar. Happy day!

That has nothing to do with anything. And isn't that nice - to have things in life that exist merely for the beauty of their own existance? Very Coleridge of me, I know. But then I've always been more of a Romantic than anything else.

So, in a much shorter weekend update than below:

  • Must needs write another long post re: How To Film a Movie Musical. Coming at some point to a blog near you!

  • Had two glorious days off (well, mostly off) and then woke up this morning and was put right back into work by maternal unit a.k.a. my producer a.k.a. Mom. (LOL - just realized, she's my producer in more than one fashion! Oy.) And in a moment I'll go back to the grindstone to get stuff together for, what else?, Nutcracker.

  • Two weeks to show. AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAUGH! But I'm not panicked. Just don't sneak up on me and we'll all stay alive.

  • Perhaps the Hindenburg was just under a lot of emotional stress?

  • What better family is there than mine? We had a very progressive dinner, intersperced with reading poetry to one another. Peter even read Browning's whole "Pied Piper" and did very well. He also read two original pieces which are really pretty good. We're deferring the "sit-on-your-butt-a-thon" (name courtesy of Daddy, who else?) until Christmas-y when we'll pull out LOTR, Star Wars, Indiana Jones, etc. and just keep them going. But I admit it was a little odd not to watch Galaxy Quest on Thanksgiving. ;P My family? Into the arts? Nah. Those walls covered in Julie's various portraits - nothing. That attic stuffed with costumes and backdrops from my other productions? Nada. Johnny and Peter's instruments and music lying around? Psht. Dad's laptop with novel going? Ha! And then Mom's boxes and boxes of photographs? Meine worde! I do love them all. Although I confess that I was running down to my laptop every now and again to type out a bit more of...

  • The Sable Valentine! Yes yes yes, precious! I've written about 6K words in letters between Giselle and her dad. Jules had me read outloud to her what I had thus far - both the new and what I've printed out a while ago - while she made the cucumber boats stuffed with chicken salad. Living with Julie, Mom, Dad and Johnny who are all chef dabblers? Happiness, Miss Piggy! And I'm very glad to wash and dry - it means I get to belt out songs to my heart's content. How can you tell Emily's in a good mood? She turns into the Singing Bush. Anywho, in writing TSV, I got to do another "bad proposal" scene (like the one from Not All Wealth only infinitely more horrible!) which is always so much fun. Poor Gizi! Poor Maundy (nee Mundanity) Smith! But it's a delight to write what I always think of as Austenesque. And what a greater delight to look forward to seeing P&P3 again with Jules this Sunday! Happy day!

  • Purchased Christmas Cookie Yankee Candle today. Oh happy day. Oh happy olfactory. (Really, scientists oughtn't be allowed to name things. Olfactory? I mean, c'mon!)

  • One more Rent quibble - or hilarity: at the end (or near end) Roger is singing out "Mimi! Mimi!" over her (supposed) corpse - but he's doing so to an overdriven guitar whamming out "Musetta's Waltz!" Aaaaaugh! Oh, come on! If you're going to call out "Mimi!" don't do it to another person's theme music! Hallo! Leitmotif 101! Right, enough of that.

  • When Jules and I went to see Sideways Stories at Emerson, she took this amazing photo of me. You'll notice Jack's Joke Shop where I purchased Drosselmeier's thumbs. And speaking of which, take a look at these publicity shots.

  • Happy Thanksgiving to one and all! Mmmmwah! God bless you!

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    Music: The Producers - something upbeat, irreverent, and meant to fall apart at the seams.
    Thought: Thank God for everyone behind the scenes. Amen!


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