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Friday, September 09, 2005

Wishes, Dreams & Visions

Clara is finally falling into place! Hurrah! Lyrics to "When You Are Seventeen" (aka The Waltz of the Flowers):

Sophia: When you are seventeen
When you're an elegant lady
In a satin gown
With a flowing train
Dancing, laughing and whirling
And drinking champagne

When you're a lady grown
When you will be someone's sweetheart

Clara: And if perchance
I should find romance?

Sophia: Then he'll hold you in his arms
And dance!

[She pretends to be Clara's suitor.]

"Mistress Clara, please
Your hand I do beseech
My heart beats just for you
What else can I do?"

Clara: Kindly sir, you'll find
I am not your kind
My heart is given to
A prince of my dreams
But not to you!

Sophia: And his name is?

Clara: I don't know it
But I've dreamt he's waltzing with me.
And it's foolish -
And I know it
The world outside is cruel.

Sophia: But I've heard that
On occasion
When God is smiling on us
Things we've dreamt of -
Things we've longed for
Have a way of coming true

Clara: (cutting in on her angrily)
Wishes, dreams and visions!
Fancies fade to grown decisions
Stories stay within their pages
Hope's abandoned with the ages

Could time now be shattered?
If tonight were all that mattered?
Stop the clocks, if you're clever -
Stay inside this night forever....

Sophia: (pretending to be the suitor again)
"But the moon is
Shining bright, dear
And I see the morning light, dear
So before we two are parted -
Will you put your hand in mine?"

And then we have the rip-off scene from The King and I where Sophia teaches her cousin to dance! At the end of which, Christian cuts in (holding Clara from behind - so that Clara isn't aware of the change at first). Tra la tra la! "Fa la! I love the spring!" Hip hip hoorah!

Mood: It is goooooood, to praise the Looooooord, and make muuuuuuusic, to Your Name, O God, most hi-i-i-iiiiiiiiiiiigh! To proclaim Your love and faith-ful-neeeeeess...all the day and through the night! Lai lai lai, etc.
Music: None at the moment, unless you count the above on repeat for the past twenty-four hours on the brain...!
Tomorrow's Birthday Will Include: Cantoring for Mr. Vuong's funeral - God bless his soul and give peace to his family, amen; first music lesson for the new school year with Gr.; Chinese food and chocolate-frosted cake. Curioser and curioser.


Anonymous Suzanna said...

Happy Birthday Emily!

With much thanks for your most enjoyable blog.


7:54 AM  
Blogger Emily C. A. Snyder said...

Danke danke! :)

2:36 PM  

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