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Saturday, August 27, 2005

Sorrow, sorrow, heartfelt pain

If all our love has been in vain
If ever you should tell a lie
Then my friend, I shall die

George Macdonald wrote a novella, The Light Princess, about a girl who could feel no gravity, either literally or metaphorically. I think perhaps sometimes I am she - at least in the face of tragedy. But at the end of the novella, the prince whou loves her volunteers to let his body be used to plug this pool of water which is in danger of being drained away by an evil witch (the pool is the only thing that the light princess loves). All he asks is that the princess stay with him as he dies. But *as* he dies, she finally feels sorrow for someone.

She weeps. And in weeping, she becomes "grave" and she no longer needs the pool (which was the only thing that anchored her) and so she is able to save the prince.

I feel as though I'm finally at that point. Or close to.

Funeral Tuesday. Singing for it. That's good. Bollocks to this school year. Tired already. Curiously, watching the appendices for LOTR (TTT in this case) make one feel better.

Mood: Exhausted
Music: The editing section of disc 4 of LOTR appendices
Thought: Ex-hau-sted


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