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Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Itsy bitsy

Randominity. Or, the return of Russian nobility-esque journalling.

  • Finished watching Pride and Prejudice (the 1995 looooong one!), with only minimal "good-parts-ying" of it. Do not feel, as a result, particularly closer to the Clara/Christian scene, but perhaps allowing Austen to stew in the subconscious will eventually help regardless of present consciousness.

  • Sang for the funeral mass today. Had quite a few (good heavens!) Seniors girls (good heavens because I keep thinking of them as Juniors). Managed to keep it together for the most part. Good to sing.

  • Hammett's has abandoned all teachers in the area. No store in Marlborough and none in Natick. And I am rolls-of-colored-paperless. Hrumph! Something must needs be done about this. Shall look into alternatives, since....

  • Tomorrow marks the return to school. Curious, that. Usu. a bit more anxious about the night before beginning - but this year? Meh. Not a bad "meh" just a sort of mehish mehishness. Meh as a state of being than as a French shrug before drowning one's sorrows in bitter coffee and worse jazz.

  • Special on Lost is on tonight. And the countdown begins...!

  • And now really must stop putting off the inevitable moment of typing up what I've written for Nutcracker. I've written an awful lot! The rats have just come on the scene, and now it's really a matter of dialogue-to-dance ratio to contend with. Hence, much mental choreography will transpire in the next few days. But I will most definitely make my deadline for the production of the script and I think, all in all, it is a workable script. With, alas, the sole difficulty of having a heroine who needs to be more heroine-y earlier on. Elspeth syndrome works all very well in a novel, but not so well in a play. Bah.

    Mood: I am out of Phish Food and I am sadder than caramel
    Music: Mental P&P soundtrack
    Thought: To light a smelly candle or not to light a smelly candle? And companionship and daquiris and long conversations are wonderful things. (Daquiris, of course, an optional feature.)


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