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Saturday, September 03, 2005

Pride and Prejudice

So, whilst chatting a bit with Mum, I realised why I was so stuck on the whole Clara/Christian scene: I had both of them liking each other from the beginning. Stupid, stupid Emily-Author! What's the first rule of Drama? Conflict, nummy! Anywho, so I decided to go P&P-y for their relationship - and Clara certainly has plenty of reasons to think ill of him from the outset. Of course, that means that I had to go back and take a look at what I've already written - I've given the camel-on-the-creche (flagrantly stolen from HH brother Steven!) line to Clara, rather than Sophia - but I'm in a muddle over whether it's Sophia or Clara who knows that Christian is a Highness.

Regardless, have now gone through The Importance of Being Ernest, Emma and (currently) Vanity Fair soundtracks to keep me in the right state of mind. I've also managed to up by one my running streak on Freecell. Because writing always includes Freecell. QED. But the Clara/Christian scene stares at me and I must write it. I'm tempted to simply stay up until a ridiculous hour until I get a better version of it. But I cannot go on with the play (the dream section) until I've figured out Clara - and Clara won't be fully known by me until I write her crucial scene with Christian. Gah!

So in the meantime, like any good procrastinating author - who's just given herself another week grace period by pushing off auditions until the 20th rather than the 13th - I took a quiz. We swears it, precious - we did not try for Spike. We even said "Hell no" to the "Slayers are Sexy" question. (See the quizzy thingy at the bottom of this post.)

Looking forward to school. Do need to put more stuff up on the far wall, though - it is bare. But the room is so neat and clean right now - and now good-smelling, too (rather than new carpet smelling which is not good smelling pas de tout!) - that it's really a shame to think of it mucked up during the course of the year. Ah ca.

New desk ought to be coming in tomorrow as part of the Great Desk Swap. Of course I write this as the desk that I'm working on which is also part of the GDS (as in the desk going out to make room for the one coming in) is simply swamped in stuff. Meh. Deal with it tomorrow. Meh meh.

Mass tomorrow and then RenFest Sunday. Making up tests, curriculum guides, copies of prayers, etc. Monday in prep. for Tuesday. Oh der Schoene! Oh der Schoene! Oh der Schoene Schnitzelbank! Lalala....

Mood: Pas mal, maintenant - mais je suis desolee quand je lis les journals et mes amis sont tres bete. Dieu, aide-nous! Merci!
Music: The lovely, lovely Vanity Fair
Niceness is: Finding music one's forgotten in one's Uber-Large CD Collection (ULCDC)
Spikiness is: Voila

You scored as Spike. You are the strait up you knew what I was type what did you expect. There maybey some surprise personality quirks you have you. You try to control your emotions and sometimes fight so hard to deny them but when you do give into them you go all the way for what you want.



















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