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Friday, August 05, 2005

Pourquoi, my dear knight

Am I sleepy again? It appears sometimes it's not the hour, it is the company. Hence, randominity, in which I trust I make myself obscure:

  • Overprotective mothers are a pain. Not mine, thank God!

  • Sometimes Foxtrot is very true. And those who snoop are seldom rewarded. (Beyond which, many trust themselves to be obscure.)

  • Half-way through editing Christmas Carol.

  • Hamlet on the Common was by and large wonderful.

  • Shooting Hamlet promo tomorrow.

  • Red, Hot and Cole was pleasantly entertaining. Not so for the whole weekend, but there one is. Yay for indoor theatre.

  • Have done renderings of some costumes for Nutcracker. Poor Fritz.

  • Have gone costume shopping at Salvation Army - bwahahahhahahha.

  • Am most of the way through reading A Scholar of Magics which - once I finally got past the dullness of the first chapter - is really very good. Yay for Fantasy of Manners!

  • Did I mention grrrness at mad overprotectiveness?

  • Managed to bash out a scene between Clara and Sophia in Nutcracker which I like. Hoopla! Has one exchange that gets particular approval from all test audiences and includes in a later diatribe Johnny's teastrainer. Hurrah for inside jokes!

  • Must look into WGAEast.

  • Diet Coke (aka the caffine therein) is from the gods. As is Chinese food and chicken salad.

  • Enjoyed a particular 40 minute stretch this afternoon with no one in the casa but meine schweister und mich perhaps more than any time during the whole of summer vacation.

  • Now, however, am in mood to find a convenient wall and kick it. Or at least scowl unmercifully.

  • Pudding! We need more Thorton Wilder pudding in our lives! Doom on you to pudding naysayers! Bah and humbug! Pudding, Cornelius! Pudding! Pudding!

  • Pudding is a particularly silly looking word.

    And there I shall end with exceptionally random randominity even for ye merrie olde typicalle randomynity. Poot to monthliness and perpetual woozlishness. (Nonproreantidisestablishmentarianismistically? Bwahahhaha.) Aaaaand...good night.

    Mood: Nonproreantidisestablishmentarianismistically about sums it up, actually.
    Music: None at the moment, the more my loss.
    Thought: High strung folk ought not to be.


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