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Tuesday, July 19, 2005

An-Editing We Shall Go!

Tra la
Tra la
Tra la la la!


  • I filmed shots for the Nutcracker promo today and am about to download and edit together what I can. Bwahahahahhah!

  • While filming, I realized I had no shots of mice. So we all trooped over to the pet store in the mall and were allowed to shoot - gerbils? Hamsters? - anywho, they're *awfully* cute and will do for rats on film.

  • I also picked up...A SABER! I have a new sword! I have a new sword! Cutlass-y that *schwinnnnnngggggs* when it comes out of its scabbard (that has skull and crossbones embossed on the top and tip) and which has this wonderful hilt guard with a pirate ship on it! Oh, yes, Nutcracker! Bwahahahhah!

  • Jills and I also spent many many lots hours together on Sat. - saw Matchmaker, gabbed a lot, midnight dinners - twas good.

  • Went with Pete and Al. on Wed. to the Esplanade to see/hear a concert of Beethoven's 4th, and selections from La Boheme, Phantom and Les Mis. Along the way, we saw the tech rehearsals for Hamlet on the Common - which I'll be seeing the real one of first week of August.

  • Play season is back! It's time to watch other plays! Tra la tra la!

  • Eeep - have to memorize St. Catherine's lines. 'Tis ridiklewackle.

  • Prep for I.C.'s VBS is rushing on. We'll see how it goes come Monday - when we're rehearsing with the full cast for first time - just a half-hour before showtime! Eek!

  • Have finished editing the first two scenes of Christmas Carol - it's going really fast. Hope to finish the Marley scene by tonight - after doing the trailer for Nutcracker that is.

  • Watching entirely too much Angel.

  • So...this is what summer looks like. Huh. (I'm not saying I want to build a summer home here - but the trees are actually quite lovely.)

  • Reading the Politically Incorrect Guide to American History - and am finding myself completely thwacked in the face with the thought that my perception of the US is, possibly, ass-backwards - esp. in regard to the Civil War and the right to breaking from the union. And in view of the news from Renee via Jules about the territories in Vermont and Maine. Could it be I'm actually considering starting my own country somewhere down the line after all? Anywho....

    Mood: Pas mal, merci
    Music: Flannel Collage!!! I found my other copy! Hurrah!
    Thought: Why does we find it so difficult, precious, to come to endings of things?


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