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Saturday, July 09, 2005

One for the road

I don't know why this blog gets weird with tables - my apologies for the formatting in the previous post. Now, quickly, gacked from Making Light:

“You know as well as I do we all go around in disguise. The halo stuffed in the pocket, the cloven hoof awkward in the shoe, the X-ray eye blinking behind thick lenses, the two midgets dressed as one tall man, the giant stooping in a pinstripe, the pirate in a housewife’s smock, the wings shoved into sleeveholes, the wild, racing, wandering, raping, burning, loving pulses of humanity decorously disguised as a roomful of human beings. I know goddamn well what’s out there, under all those masks. Beauty and Power and Terror and Love.” ~ James Tiptree, Jr.

*sigh* Too true, too true.

Mood: Poetry
Music: Same as it ever was
Thought: I am sometimes too much in my own head. Glad that upcoming week looks to be filled with out-of-headness. Hrm. That didn't come out right.


Anonymous Jills said...

I miss you! I so wish that we could've hung out tonight; I have nothing to do tomorrow! I hope you're enjoying the Angel DVDs; we should watch the other seasons if you decide you like them. Hope to see you again soon; I have oodles of time, so call often!


Love, Muse

8:40 PM  

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