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Saturday, June 04, 2005

The streets look so familiar

Have they changed?
Since last I wasn't here.

~ Daddy Snyder in a poem/letter written to me just before I up and went to Europe in '97. He's so talented.

Sooooooooooooo...hahahahahha...the electroids mock me once again and all this happy data, waiting for a simple export...won't. So, I am going to write instead. Patricia McKillip came out with another amazing new book - I can at least begin Raith. And I need a break from KOF. I need a break from zumvelatianin'. Would dearly love for Sable Valentine or Poityr/Elspeth to be done so I could read it - I'm spoiling for a Fantasy of Manners - but there one is.

Oh, and can I mention how much I hate sin? Hate it and yet never hate it enough before I commit it. Grrrr. Going to the 5 tomorrow night - good to have a simple mass, sometimes. Half a day left and exams. Hardly seems possible. An actual summer....

Mood: Meandering
Music: Celtic Mistique - to be myself in a Twelve Kingdoms-y mood
Thought: Peter is a Godsend.


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