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Monday, May 23, 2005

Feeling rather

Loose-endsy. Curious, that. Have potential out NYC way - 'tis good. Muchly journalling in actual journal, which is far more handy-dandy and fits in the pocket and is easily whip-outable (and far more private - albeit it substitutes an elastic for a lock). Have only something like five more scenes and bows for King of Fools to finish (nearly wrote "Kong of Fools" - hrm - that conjures up all sorts of odd images). At the risk of getting the song stuck in my head again, worked on "Godfather Drosselmeier" as a musette piece last night with Peter - it's sounding good. Def. a keeper for Nutcracker. Trying to get "stamps" together for Charming the Moon; Jules' cover portrait is glorious. End of the year curios and on-again-off-again attackities. Since all the typical weak spots are being hit, I can only claim each and throw myself on God's providence. The low one always gets more clumsy the closer we are to His plan, I think.

But mostly this is an update because I haven't.


Mood: I shall remind myself that I was terribly giddy whilst cheering up Jules at the Outback and trying on silly shoes at Payless.
Music: Despite my best efforts, "Godfather Drosselmeier"
Happiness is: Marichino cherries in a mug of Diet Coke


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