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Monday, May 09, 2005

Yet more music

Wasted on a hopeless film. Kingdom of Heaven was a terrible waste of two and a half hours - but the music is divine. Oh, come to me, my orchestral cherubim! I'll put your music to good effect!

Gacked from Barbara Nicolosi:

Emily Dickenson's 1548

Meeting by Accident,
We hovered by design --
As often as a Century
An error so divine
Is ratified by Destiny,
But Destiny is old
And economical of Bliss
As Midas is of Gold --

I realize I don't appreciate poetry enough - don't seek it out - don't enrich my soul with its elusive sublimity. Good poetry is numinous, not merely clever. And I am much in need of...Numenor? No. In need of spiritual revival. My thoughts turn to St. Augustine's own restlessness - although my situation is no where near his in factual particulars; only in spiritual (but that is enough). Lord? Wherefore these attacks? This desolation in the midst of plenty? Sin truly is insanity. I'm returning to morning prayer, which is good - but I need a better prayer life - I need to draw close to Him again - close to Him or closer - certainly one can never be close enough.... But though there are moments of grace, and those plentiful, the inbetweentimes seem all within an unholy muddle. Lord, I need to rest in You. Wrest me from myself and make me rest. Calm my heart, still my soul, strengthen me, and give me true, abiding peace and joy. Amen.

Mood: Half-and-half does not suffice when milk is required
Music: Vanity Fair (Kingdom of Heaven is at work)
Goodness is: Charming the Moon is being picked up by Arx! Working on pictures now.
Leap of faith is: Saying I'm interested in directing The Grand Duke
Oddness is: Spending much of the evening (after a longish nap for a splitting headache) having fun editing the nightmare. Geesh.
Beauty is: The haunting woman's voice singing without words "She Walks in Beauty" - truly, there's very little more beautiful than the human voice raised in song. There's something...drawing about it.


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