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Wednesday, April 27, 2005

How lucky are we

To live in MA. She said sarcastically.

So I was reading in the paper the other day (Globe, Herald? I forget) that our state senate had passed through by an un-vetoable margin the bill to not only allow embryonic stem cell research from unwanted in vitro fertilization children, but also to allow human cloning, with the proviso that the scientists should "not make human babies." Read between the legalese: the scientists must kill any clones they make; they may not by law allow any clone they make to live.

What a f---ed up society we live in. And yes, that word is appropriate. Hurray for MA. (We screw all night and kill each day?)


No, that's particularly nasty. Look, the battle isn't over. This is one of the main fronts, is all. But thank God for time - time for a million visions and revisions. So, do I want to move? No, not particularly, not yet. "Just keep swimmin. Just keep swimmin!" And remembering good things.

Classes went really well today, thank God! I realized just a few minutes ago that this past week has felt like walking on water with Him re: classes. I'm about to start "Up Down" from King of Fools. There's a new Lost on tonight! I've got this really cool CD by this Quebequais (sp?) artist who plays the cello and sings smokey-clear. We have no meat in the house, but we gots plenty water and ice. I have so much - so much more than so many have, even though I'm "dirt poor" in America. I finished progress reports way in advance of the due date. Good stuff, good stuff.

Our Lady of Guadeloupe, we need your intercession for your country! Please, please pray for us! Please ask your Son to spare us! O clement, O loving, O sweet Virgin Mary, pray for us, O most holy mother of God, that we may be made worthy of the promises of Christ! Amen!

Mood: Throat feeling weirdish. I'm post-nap, though. Always weirdish.
Music: That cellist lady
Thought: Naps are good but they do leave on a bit disorientated about where/when one is. (Also, one wonders if the dream of a few days back was in any way related to the e-mail Mom got in about that commission....) Anywho...on to "Up Down"!


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