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Tuesday, April 26, 2005

Please return your seats

To their full, upright position. (Now there's a 1984-ism, if ever there was one!)

I have not yet adjusted to the school schedule and my body will not go to sleep easily at a decent hour. Pick a bizarre hour, morning or really early morning or just after supper, and it's all good to nod off into slumberland - but the acceptable hour? Apparently not.

Fortunately, Dad's computer just finished printing out tomorrow's hand-outs and the laptop just finished making the file of "Everyone Arrives" for KOF. Which I will now go watch. And then go to sleep. Yup.

Mood: Ich habe eine haddock.
Music: Look into the mirror and see....
Arugh is: Only having one night where that particular bit was actually on, and not either a) muted miked or b) the wrong lyrics. Ah ca. Good close-up.
Pomf is: Bellechat!


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