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Tuesday, May 24, 2005

See this trailer now!!!

Apple - Trailers - March Of The Penguins. Oh, misting! misting!

In other news, it seems I'll be going to the Boston State House tomorrow. Rather curious - it was presented to me as though Ed McMahon were standing outside my door instead of the vice principal. Anywho, eager to go, even though I'm still rather baffled as to what I'll be doing. (I suppose this is how the other teachers feel when they're tapped to help chaperone the fall retreats?)

Gloomy day
Everything's bleak and grey
On my day to where the air is
Cannya tell me how to get -
How to get to


Going to scan some pictures (finally settled on a style) and then upload them on the computer (duh - I can't believe I didn't think of that option) for Arx (yaaay Arx!) whilst copying onto video tapes various things promised to various people. But in the quick nonce, I'm going to break my own unwritten rule to edit in complete continuity, and simply dash off "Miserable" (hence, putting "A Castle is Run" off for tomorrow). Last week's 2-hour Alias also calls my name.

And I continue to find my squirmishness with the blogsphere increase. The difficulty is that a) I'm too lazy to actually write newsy non-personal stuff BUT b) I don't feel like publically spilling my deepest, darkest secrets - even if they're rather plebian. They're my own plebian secrets, murky buckets! Hence, this blog has turned into a cryptic silliness - which it needn't be, I think. Which all leads to - ich weiss nicht. At the moment, anyway. (Ah, the crypticness continues! Obscurity for idiots.) Mea culpe, mea culpe, poor little blog. Perhaps one day I'll make actual use of you.

Mood: All sorts of existentially - but not really, because they make me ill to my stomach
Music: Dizzy Up the Girl by Goo-goo Dolls
Frustration is: Gravitas


Anonymous Suzanna said...

I'm glad you don't write "newsy, non-personal stuff" , I like very much the personalness of your blog. And you don't have to divulge all your secrets; just whichever thoughts and feelings you want to. In particular, as your blog is dedicated to God, drama, writing etc., it's always interesting to see what you have to say about these things.

Well, that's what I think, anyway!

7:33 AM  
Blogger Emily C. A. Snyder said...

Suzanna -

Gee, thanks! :) You've made my day that much brighter (which in this very gloomy two weeks in MA-May is welcome, indeed!).

In Him,

2:14 PM  

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