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Saturday, June 11, 2005 want

...the revised revision of the revised revision

~ Courtesy of a poster on Dr. Sunyoger's office door at FUS

If anyone wants to know the secret to writing novels, novellas and plays it lies in these things:

1) Caffine
2) Deadlines
3) Free Cell

I'm up to 12 consecutive wins! Still not as bad as the 23 consecutive wins I had while writing my thesis all those years ago....

My lair is in a dismal state thanks to two chairs (*sniff sniff*) being removed to their rightful owner's (aka, my brother finally collected his stuff). Am this close to finishing the final (?) revision for Charming the naturally I watched the last two Horatio Hornblowers with Mom and Jules who have turned into bona fide fans this weekend. (Who says Jules' need for entertainment due to being wisdom toothless is all bad?) Which is to say: I'm thinking a couch-purchase is in order and that I'd better get my brain back to that final itty-bitty section that needs revamping.

Because tomorrow is nuthin' but grades.

Bless the family.

Mood: Hugh Jackman singing in Oklahoma! always cheers me up
Music: Helloooo? McFly?!?!
Thought: I really dislike split up days. Blaugh.


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