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Wednesday, June 08, 2005

My fingernails are blue

Babba-dee babba-doo

I seriously need to be with people. For an extended period of time. Fulfilled promise to self to go out with Jules and much Chinese was had. Took a nap and then graded papers to disc 5 & 6 of Buffy season 5 (good season - must write an evil guy who redeems himself at some point - must find a story that works in - thought: can it be that guy from Reyjor who comes through the Gates to the Twelve Kingdoms? But I never pictured him as bad - Commadant/Spike bad.... Huh...worth looking into) and am now finishing up making CD's for folk. (And the Queen of the totally dysfunctional sentence returns! Jules - put down that crown - I can see you sneaking up on me! ;)

Last day with students tomorrow. Odd. Turns out I must totally clean out my room for retrenchment to the school proper. Odder. Am creature of habit - odd, but in a habitual way. Ice Cream Truck barrelled by our house earlier this evening, just as I was longing for ice cream - Dad said it usually returns so I sat outside in my slippers - but it only rained - but it was nice to be rained on a little (I was shielded by the maple). Am apparently in charge of the teaching section for IC's VBS - not odd at all; result of volunteering in front of Fr. Jonathan!

Sunday night, as was indicated, we watched the Tonys. And it was...shall I say odd? Perhaps. It was frustrating because it's so stinking lavender and self-proclaimed "artsy" (aka anti-popularist - huh! That'd make a good political faction in the Arianja world! Cha!) - and looking at what was winning awards made me feel two things: 1) they are in serious need of good plays/musicals and 2) I can't go there. Right. So...what? What's to be done?

I'm definitely being nudged. We're creeping towards the end of St. B's stint in the way things are going. But let go and let God, as MJ reminded me. Anywho....

In amazing news, I got the .jpg of the cover for Charming the Moon today. Looks faboo! Going to do the story a once-over tomorrow and then send it back and go from there. Currently the image is up as my wallpaper - v. inspiring to get working on the next Tale. Tangibility is not proof of existance - but it sure helps.

And a retreat is in order. Good Heavens, child! Look at this zumvelatian entries! You need to get yourself grounded in Him again - you need to get away with Him and be fearless in His love.

When I am down you lift me up
When I am weak you fill my cup
You are my all in all.

Holding me like a precious jewel
Lord, to give up, I'd be a fool
You are my all in all.

Mood: Can we extricate this from our vocabulary?
Music: Kingdom of Heaven - glorious
One more day: All on my own? No! HA! I vanquish isolation with a sword!


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