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Wednesday, January 26, 2005

We've decided to close down the studio

to wire this place for sound.
Finally! I can start suffering and write that symphony!
Not so fast! You're the new head of music!
Finally! I can stop suffering and write that symphony!

~ Liberally paraphrased from "Singing in the Rain"

It's snowing.
School's off.
I slept in.

Funny dreams from the Canadian Mole in the brainboxbooth, full of "itness" and white tails and white light and choir angels and me turning around to the Canadian Mole who runs my dreams and thinking at her, "Oh, come on!" Funny, though. Even if I subsequently couldn't remember how the ballet in KOF went and spent a good twenty minutes upon waking attempting to remember where the ballet was before realizing there was no ballet and so I don't have to remember the choreography I never did so...nyah.

Which is to say, after giving Pete the long-awaited lecture on Sayers and her chapter on the seven deadly sins in Creed or Chaos? and reading Mom's thing on Los Banos, I fully intend to sit down and write my K. with a unicorn and beating up R(aith?). and I'm not sure what all but it looks like it's going to be a good story...if I can get around ye olde merrie cliches.

More in a bit. My room is freezing and Pete's ready for the lecture.

Mood: AAAAAAAAAAAAARUGH! *huff huff*
Music: "My Karma Broke Down" by Three Weird Sisters on Hair of the Frog
Thought: My heat is ON! Why is it cold?! Why is it snowing!??!?!? Must remember to sign up to be one of Julie's oompaloompas when she takes over the universe via Disneyworld. At least it'll be warm.


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