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Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Sonnet Challenge!

On this other board, we're having a poetry challenge. This week it's sonnets. So, suffering from's my first sonnet in nearly a decade! Yay!

  • The Ides of Innocence

    The virgin moved the virgin lip to lip
    A simple touch, by simple breath connected,
    A moment less momentous than expected;
    A sigh, a brush, the first hesitant sip -
    Then gone, no more, when once the lines are ended,
    The masks removed, the proper names restored,
    The blushing lips both blushingly ignored
    As gawky, awkward - and oh, so splendid.
    We will not come this way again, not here -
    The clock has struck, the act is done, and we
    Have jokes and ancient tales to reminisce
    To ward off lovers' ghosts that may appear
    If we should slip upon the memory
    Of our own first tender and wasted kisses.

  • Oh, and English Made Simple - a motion perspective. Full video coming tomorrow/today.

    Mood: Bof. Alles gut - and hopefully I'll have a real cast tomorrow!
    Music: Regarde below.
    Thought: Audience and running more than an act is good. I'm soooo looking forward to acting next semester!


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