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Thursday, June 12, 2008

Falling in love all over again

...with dearest, darlingest William of the Shaken Spear! Got an actual fanmail thing today on my Gaudete youtube account, which requested more KOF and more Hamlet, so rewatched bits of those and said "Hai. Not too bad." (I know, I know. Epiphany fish.)

In further news, R&J is coming along dickety-doo, edited English Made Simple last night - yay for 15-minute plays, and best of all my doctor said I don't need surgery after all. Hallelujah! In fact, it looks like I might be cast-free in three-four weeks if things go well - which means typing and piano playing - w/ both hands - for me!

Will post links to new youtube stuff as it's up. Off to bed now. Have so many thoughts about R&J and loyalty, and who knows what, and love and violence, and free will...but I only have one hand and it hurts to type too much. Booooo.

God bless Tanya and GBDC and my kids. Amen!

Mood: Not sleepy yet
Music: Nada - whirring computer, crickets
Best SYTYCD Dance of the Night: Katee & Joshua to, of all songs, "No Air"


Anonymous Sarah Batista said...

Yay for quick castlessness!

7:49 AM  

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