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Monday, June 16, 2008

Crux (Bruised, Not Broken)

OK, so it's been the spring/summer of trying out new musical styles, and here's a very very uber superdeduper rough to the point of earlier than draft version of a song that's been plaguing me to get out. I know you can hear some of the transitions that need smoothing, and the accompianment is unavoidably one-handed, but...

...there it is. And it's raw, and I almost don't want any constructive criticism about it yet, because the song still hurts too much. Although I hope the lyrics are suitably universal, for me it's a year's worth of scar tissue from May of last year and being ripped away untimely, pettily, cruelly, unjustly. Sooo...voila.

Mood: Comme si, comme ca - elated about theatre, raw re: the song/last May
Music: Regarde en haute, mais naturallement
Thought: Yet still God sends us certain kind words when they're least anticipated and most needed, and He speaks reconciliation through sermons, and He tricks us into singing for Him at mass when we least expect it, and He's generally wonderful and weird. Amen.


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