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Thursday, May 15, 2008

Weekday Update

  • A year ago Friday. Exactly a year ago. Third period. Ignominity. Survived. Scarred. Perseverance. Oh, my.

  • Wallace's Will judged tomorrow. Aie. I think it'll go well. The kids are marvellous. It's just volume and pacing I'm squinting at. C'est ca! Come on Sunday at 2:00 p.m. to Hudson High to see the play for reals! Come come!

  • Back decided to give out for Mother's Day. Am slowly recouping. Seriously, God? Throwing out my back What gives? But, whatevs.

  • Romeo and Juliet starts up next week. *reexamines that statement - decides to panic, but just a little* Good golly. Time flies.

  • So not with it. Praise God anyway. C'est sufficit pour cette soir. Faire des beau reves - maintenant, Emily!

    Mood: Calm, actually
    Music: "Autograph" - dunno why
    Thought: Oh, give me an occupation!


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