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Wednesday, May 28, 2008


I have broken my right wrist. And it hurts. Incommunicando from me for a while.

Mood: Blargh
Music: Mental radio on scan
Worst part is: Pain, medieval torture devices (that do work), having to admit helplessness
Best part is: Having my hair washed for me, awesome family, awesome cast and crew, awesome doctor and nuses, being a lefty, and offering it up for whatever/whomever He wants (lucky bugger[s] getting these prayers!)
Immediate goodness is: Being healed of some of the trauma I'd built up over hospitalization from my youth
Curious truth I've learned is: When I'm in physical pain I become more articulate and begin narrating my inner thoughts and outer experiences to take my mind from the pain. This is, apparently a source of great amusement for my family. When I'm trying not to scream, I sing Italian arias. When I do scream, I try to modify my Alpine voice to my mezzo-forte, and go no higher than middle A - but this still startles the crap out of nurses. And, apparently under sedation, while bones are being readjusted, I ask: "Are you sure you know what you are doing?" I also am incapable of not apologizing every time I whimper. However, my first thought upon being drugged is Romeo's: "O true apothecary - thy drugs are swift!" Proving me a total nerd, even in lala land!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Em, Em -- posted at PB for you, putting here too -- was feeling need to pray for you -- now i know WHY.

Have broken own wrist twice. Writing arm. had to use voice recognition software to work. Via Voce. you might look into it. I assume 4 to 6 weeks in cast? hell for a writer.

Yeah, that bone pulling back into position. not fun. glad that's over. thank God for vicodin.

loving you


11:55 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Emily, I hope you get better soon. Prayers are coming your way:)


3:40 PM  

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