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Saturday, May 31, 2008

It's very strange

To be so incapacitated. Am weening myself off the most sleep-inducing of the drugs. Am not a fan of being dependent. Am trying to get into the right headspace to..I don't again? Pulled myself into an outfit a little more fashionable and a little less utilitarian today - baby steps, hurrah. Am still offering it up.

In good, nay, great news - the show looks excellent so far. Some really great stuff we've found so far. Funny bits with flowers and sitting on feet, etc. Looking for the humour right now, esp. at the beginning of the process to ease into the show. Actually, a challenging show to rehearse in some ways, b/c Shakespeare didn't give much leeway before he gets the passions rolling. Ah ca. All good. Cast and crew great.

Never realized how much I do w/ my right arm. Even opening Coke cans. Am getting better at using the mouse left-handed. Arugh. OK, God. All is for a purpose, but I still think this stinks. Amen. For whoever needs it, esp. Mommy Saez' friend. Amen.

Mood: Frustrated
Music R&J soundtrack on repeat. Hooray for iPod players?
Thought: Was outside between the rainfalls, in the very infamous flipflops that helped me fall on Monday, and trying to work on "Bruised/Not Broken" song to get from verse to refrain, and came up with what might work better as its own song - perhaps part of the mythology song cycle? Right now (in 3/4 - what else?):

Pulled in a thousand directions
Longing to soar with Icharus wings
Hubris may make you fall
But better to tumble
Than never leap at all


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