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Friday, June 20, 2008


The plays keep a-comin'! For those interested, Salome by Oscar Wilde.

It's the first major play I ever directed and it taught me a LOT about everythig I know. Prior to this show I was very...careful with my acting, with my directing. Very proper. Too intellectual; not visceral enough. I never wanted to "go there" - wherever "there" may be. But I chose Salome - or it chose me - or rather God through it at me - and my man Oscar interceded, and John the Baptist stormed, and I learned how to direct from the gut as well as from the mind.

It's not a perfect play - no play ever is - but it is the first I recorded, at the insistence of my mother. And when I brought it home for Mum and Dad to see - v. nervous - a college grad w/ a ridiculous major and a lot of debt - my father said to my mother that it would be a sin if I didn't direct for a living. And, well, let's just say that single comment has been the best comment I've ever received or ever will receive. And it's kept me going all these years.

Oh! And this is the play where I learned that if a tragedy is being done right, the audience will be vocal in their response. And that to do a tragedy right means to find those places that are funny.

Mood: Celebratory
Music: Mental Josh Grobin. I'd put in his first CD a week ago, forgotten, turned on the Cd player and was pleasantly surprised. I love it when past me leaves future me presents!
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