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Saturday, February 10, 2007

Until I Fall Away

Not a particularly telling title, but rather the title of the song that just ended on the random iTunes player. An update to say: for those for whom I am praying today, I am praying for you today! And there are a few more publicity pics on photobucket, which will soon be sent out. And that the set is looking amazing. Most complicated set to date, and (I hope) one of our best. Johnny played the dance tonight and did great. Music rehearsal tomorrow. The score for G&D is dumb in some places. Grrr. Various chores call my name. Krissytina - right there with you, babe! :) Veeeeeeeeeeery happy about G&D. It's gonna be good, I think.

Mood: Curieux
Music: Beyond Temptation
Thought: Dragged Peter, my new Theatre Buddy, out to see Acton-Boxborough's Once Upon a Mattress. Mostly ended up drooling over the sets, and wondering whether they made all their costumes, and rooting for the enthusiastic chorus. We both agreed they did a fine job with an essentially stupid play (well, not stupid, but certainly beige).
Song: Just this morning/When I awoke/I found to my dismay/That everything/Had been repainted/Avacado/Artichoke/Oh-oh-oh-oh beige/Oh-oh-oh-oh taupe!
A sample pic: Adelaide and Nathan


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