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Saturday, January 13, 2007

Where Have You Gone and other lyrics

  • So, I've just come back from regionals (all the best singers/musicians from this region's schools) where one of my students sang and our trumpeter trumpeted and I'm in a velly velly velly composer-y mood. Although I didn't quite care for the jazz and wind ensemble's choices, the chorus and orchestral selections rekindled in me thoughts of musicianships and orchestrations and what can be done with really really talented folk. I've furthered Gerta's "Song of Searching (Where Have You Gone)" and discovered that Kay's "There is No Beauty" theme works nifty-freaky well in musicbox - particularly when it creepily segues into the Snow Queen's theme. I was playing a bit about with other bits for Snow Queen - we'll see. Frankly, if I want to really write these operas, I simply need to buckle down, make time, and get to work on them. (Puts on game face.)

  • Ooooh! Had adoration all yesterday with my classes (or at least radiation therapy, if not official adoration) and lingered after my last class for a little time alone with Him. So I was singing to Him (what else is new?) and it struck me that it might be hauntingly beautiful to hum "Silent Night" during the preparation for the Last Supper. Yes, precious!

  • In other random news, Worcester is apparently the place to be whistled at. Hurrah for cowboy hats. Everybody say it with Dolly Levi now: "Why Irene! Your store is simply crawling with men! I must come back here more often!" However, rodeo folk who leave nasty cigarette smell in the glass DCU elevator is not so nice. However singing Gerta's "Song of Searching" while going up in said glass elevator with the landscape of Worcester going past me vertically more than makes up for any olfactory inconvenience.

  • Mother has rererediscovered Dickens. She's currently reading Nicholas Nicholby and was reading out choice sentences and paragraphs to me. Good stuff, that! Really must get into Dickens. Le sigh for literature! And here's to (hopefully) the Isabella Stewart Gardner museum with Mums tomorrow after mass. It's not the Cloisters, but does not require a rental car. :)

  • Returning to music, apparently Loreena McKennit after ten years of audience deprivation! has a new album out! Huzzah! Must needs pick it up. Discovered said huzzahness at tech Saturday today where we painted more...and made bricks...and it looks sooooooooooooo fabooooooooooooooooo! I've had well-and-primarily painted sets in the past - Kiss Me, Kate, Pirates, even Matchmaker - but I've never really myself been in charge of a big multiple set painting project, and so am somewhat giddy over the wonderfulness with which it is progressing. And this, mes cheres et mesdemoiselles, is 100% due to the generosity of all the families involved in the show. I look back at Brigadoon (or even, shudder! Twelfth Night) and am so very aware of how far we've come due to generosity.

  • Am burning Hamlet DVD's now. Dem' whosever eyes you'd like, I'm done. So, we're burning. Rather like Edna St. Vincent Millay. (Pauses to go off and frolick in mental fields of flowers with thoughts of poetry and peonies.) And it is done. Gone. Hoopla.

    Mood: Music-y
    Music: (Now that's ironic) Live from Radio Sunnydale
    But soon to be: Ugly Betty episode I missed the other day. Yay for the wonders of technology.


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