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Sunday, January 21, 2007

Woad is me

Public Service Announcement: The following is all a metaphor. A METAPHOR. Thank you.

So, in sprachen mit meine Mutter, I realized that I am, in fact, a bezerker. Minus the blue woad or actual weapons or visible opposing army, of course, and frequently sans kilt as well. But it takes so much effort on my part to do something - I mean, to begin something. I tend to fret, and bottle, and fret, and pace, and fret, and worry, and panic, and fret, and resist, and fret, and jog about in place until I'm running at ridiculous pace and there's no turning back...and then bezerk. And the only reason why I look confident in something is that I'm really, interiorally, running through whatever I'm doing with the metaphorical two-handed broadsword held high over my shoulder, screaming incoherently in choose-a-language, until I reach the other side, leaving a wake of casualties behind me. And the only reason I keep going is because I didn't leave every enemy dead behind me, and when I'm looking behind, they're shaking their heads clear, squinting their beady little eyes, and hefting their own battle axes to make another go of it.

Yet, in so sprachen, I wondered if everyone who does something isn't actually an interior coward merely bezerking. Or if courage isn't, half the time, a case of simply screaming one's way through to the other side and not looking behind. I feel really rather like I'm a damp kitten attacking all that life has in store for me, but then again, damp kittens can be fiercesome.

Right, just a few more and I'm done grading. Pats on the back are welcome. Yay for Jills' ripped CD's, downloading Matchmaker, lots and lots of Orbit gum (spearmint flavour), a bit of Eddie Izzard (listened to, can't bear to watch - I feel like my eyes are wandering independently of each other when I do) a la YouTube, a plentiful supply of caffine, encouraging familial units, and stupid TV. And you thought the trick to doing work was a college degree? HA!

Many prayers, please, with Jules, Pete, Allie, Danae, Shane and Lori who are all on the March for Life in Washington, DC. Monday will be given over to the cause of life. Thank God for Life on the Rock interviewing Gianna Jenson! Huzzah! Muchly looking forward to Monday's rehearsal. Am of several minds re: the end of Havana. Oh, for this particular stage of rehearsal! Hamlet DVD's have thus far eluded the curse of homemade DVD's - which means that I think I now know how to do them successfully. Did up two extras for Matchmaker before ever doing up the actual show (which I *hope* will be a fast edit): "Senior Thespian Farewell" and "Whale!" - the latter of which I'll post as soon as the shortened version (sans dress rehearsal's version) is up on Gaudete's channel.

Mood: Erm
Music: Evanescence's early stuff
Prayer: Oh, Lord, for life! L'Chaim!
Edited to embed: The whale scenes


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