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Thursday, February 01, 2007

Et voila

I've finished editing Act I and II of Matchmaker. Hoopla. Now I must needs download Acts III and IV, stick together a gag and blooper reel, put the whole thing on one DVD and it will definitely be ready for Guys and Dolls. Time to rest means a much more healthy moi, although certain thoughts have not been changed for all that rest. Shoes have been purchased for Saturday's whirlwind practice/audition (contest)/second practice/discovery of where one stands or doesn't in contest/and then who knows - perhaps collapse? Yay for multiple masses on a Sunday! Realized that this past week I went all Gallic and essentially had a ten-day week, which would explain this week's collapse. C'est ca. A few screen caps for kicks and giggles follow below. Wish me luck, cross your fingers, and pray to St. Blaise (feast this Saturday!) for clear sailing singing!

Mood: Meh
Music: Mental below
Thought: What was that about perseverence to the end of one's vocation? Yeah.
For more pictures: Go to Matchmaker on Photobucket.


Blogger Lauryl said...

hello my little nightingale! i haven't been in touch lately, my apologies, but i'm trying to catch up on your blog. glad you are singing your heart out! ;)

1:36 AM  

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