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Saturday, January 20, 2007

On the other side

Who knew.

So I had a session today with the wonderful gentleman who will be the accompanist at the vocal competition (in a few weeks), and I found that I was absolutely petrified. Not because of anything he did, or Tambre, or any particular vocal quality, or my low-voice dryness, or anything just...sheer nerves. Weeeeeird. It's been a while since I've been truly knee-knocking afraid at performance - even a working rehearsal like this. Of course, the accompaniment and the vocal line are completely different, which doesn't much help, but there one is. Alles gut, really. It's just odd to be on my actors' side and wanting to grab my director and say, "Am I any good? Am I OK?"

But, of course, that's part of why we're doing this precious. Hoo boy.

Mood: Shaken
Music: Mental "I cannot tell what this love may be" (one of the pieces I'm doing)
Mentally: Shaking fist as the heavens for non-doubled piano lines!


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